The Insurance Information Institute- what is insurance and how does it work?

PA Insurance Department

A glossary of insurance terms- to understand policy language.

Information on Basic, Broad and Special Perils.


Helpful Insurance Articles

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When To Buy Rental Car Insurance?- DMV

***What most companies won't tell you, is that if you choose to not purchase rental car insurance and you have an accident- the rental car company can bill you for every day that car is not in service. It is easier to purchase rental insurance, drop off the keys if you have an accident and go home. This cuts out the possibility of increasing your current rates and getting them involved.

Credit Cards That Offer Rental Car Insurance Benefits - lendedu

Average Car Insurance Rates- DMV


FACT SHEETS from PennDot

Reconstructed Vehicle Titling Procedure

Moped, Motor-Driven Cycle, and Motorcycle Registration Plates

Collectible Vehicle

Antique, Classic Vehicles and Vintage Registration Plates