Insurance isn't for the expected. It's for the unexpected.

The truth is- depending on the claim there might never be enough, but we want to make sure that our clients have the highest limits that they can afford.

One option that we suggest would be an umbrella policy- you can get a personal or commercial umbrella policy that will give you extra coverage in case you run through your limits on your homeowner, personal auto or business insurance policy.

Call in to ask what the pricing would be for additional coverage from 1- 5 million.

Umbrella Insurance.JPG


There are many aspects to business which means many insurance policies. Each policy is tailored to cover a specific risk.

Vineyard Example:
1. Crop Insurance- coverage for the grape vines
2. Business Insurance- liability and coverage for buildings...
3. Commerical Auto Insurance- to cover business vehicles.
4. Commerical Umbrella- to protect your personal assets in event of a claim.

Weaver Insurance is able to provide policies for every aspect of your business. Contact the office for more information.


Have you ever wanted to pull your hair out when you get your bill every year for your Homeowners insurance?

Every year it keeps going up and up- but if you take a closer look so does the coverage on your home. Insurance policies keep up with inflation, it would be terrible to have a claim and find out the limit on your house is what it was worth 10 years ago.